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Twisted Fantasies

Monarch the Butterfly Grinder


Monarch the Butterfly Grinder

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Monarch the Butterfly grinder sex toy. 

Feel your insides flutter with our butterfly-themed grinder sex toy. As you grind its twists and curves, you're bound to be sent into a state of metamorphosis. 

Matching our Monarch the Butterfly dildo, this grinder sex toy straps securely to any pillow, rolled-up blanket, towel, or your partner's thigh for your grinding pleasures... making solo play a breeze. Made of body-safe silicone, our grinders won't irritate your inner thighs while riding. 

Your purchase includes the grinder sex toy and two adjustable 40" nylon straps. Unless otherwise requested, our grinders come medium soft (00-50).

**Shipped with discreet packaging by TW FA. 

Width: 4"
Length: 7"
Height: 1"

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