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Twisted Fantasies

Ectogasm Planchette Handheld Grinder


Ectogasm Planchette Handheld Grinder

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Suction Cup
Who knew getting ghosted would be so much fun?

Introducing our first collection of handheld grinders – featuring the “Ectogasm”.

It is believed that ‘ectoplasm’ is a substance that emanates from the body of mediums during seances.

…but this toy is here to conjure up a different kind of otherworldly magic – one that is gonna make your ghost bust.

Our Ectogasm fits securely in the palm of your hand for ultimate control. Pair with other toys for additional stimulation, or use alone. Suction cup you favorite penetration toy to the back side to create a grinding pad for your partner to use with you.

So squirt a drop of lube and get grinding!
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