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The O Method Crystal Grinder


The O Method Crystal Grinder

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Manifesting just got easier with the ‘O Method’ grinder.

If you haven’t heard of the O Method, get ready for your life to drastically change as you harness the power of your own sacred sexual energy to alter your physical reality.

The “O Method” – the orgasm method – is a manifestation ritual using the laws of attraction. By harnessing the power of your sexual energy, you channel it towards your desires and goals to manifest your physical reality.
When we orgasm, we tap into a sacred, potent source of energy that transcends the physical realm. This energy, when focused and directed with intention, becomes a powerful force for manifestation.

How to use:
As your body rushes with energy when you orgasm, visualize your desire and goals as if they were already here.
Let the O Method grinder be your guide to harnessing the power of your sexual energy.

Our O Method Crystal fits securely in the palm of your hand for ultimate control. Pair with other toys for additional stimulation, or use alone. Suction cup you favorite penetration toy to the back side to create a grinding pad for your partner to use with you.

So squirt a drop of lube and get grinding!
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