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Twisted Fantasies

Brümhilda the Witches Broom Dildo


Brümhilda the Witches Broom Dildo

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Brümhilda is a witches broom-shaped fantasy dildo. 

It's always spooky season, witches, and witches know how to best ride sticks. If you didn't believe in magic, you will now -- get ready to have your floors swept because you're about to be spellbound. 

This fantasy dildo features a rounded tip that gradually widens as you work your way down - adorned with gentle knots, ridges, and crevices. 


Our fantasy dildos are handmade and results will vary slightly so use the images as a reference but not a strict guideline to the exact outcome.

**All dildos are made with platinum-grade body-safe silicone, and shipped with discreet packaging. 


Useable Length: 7.3" / 185mm
Overall Length: 8.5" / 216mm

Useable Length: 8" / 204mm
Overall Length: 10" / 254mm

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