DIY Sex Toys: How To Make Sex Toys At Home

DIY Sex Toys: How To Make Sex Toys At Home

Put down that cucumber and banana because you can now make a sex toy at home. Yes, you heard that right – if you’ve ever wondered “how can I make a sex toy at home?” – look no further, gone are the days of makeshift toys! DIY sex toys can be more affordable, accessible, and a fun way to explore your sexual expression!


Everyone loves a good DIY project, so let’s jump right into it. Twisted Fantasies, a fantasy sex toy maker, recently launched their DIY Dildo Party Kit that comes with everything you need to make up to 5 platinum-grade silicone dildos. The DIY Dildo Party Kit was originally designed for a wild bachelorette/bachelor party or a night in with friends -- but don’t let that stray you away from making your own custom sex toy at home. 


Yes – custom! The kit comes with 8 cosmetic-grade pigments, giving you a variety of of colors to choose from, whether you want them to seamlessly blend (fade), or to create a striking marbled effect. While making your own dildo may sound daunting, fear not -- the kit comes with foolproof written instructions and an instructional video (see below) for the visual learners out there. While you don’t need to be crafty, keep in mind that it will require a bit of focus. So don’t skim over the instructions and make sure you read and re-read as you’re going along. 


 DIY Dildo Party Kit Instructional Video 


Quick PSA: while you might be using this kit to make your own sex toy at home – the dildos cure in 2 hours. So, if you brought the kit to a party or a game night with friends, everyone can take their custom, homemade dildo home that same day.

Beyond its initial party appeal, this kit offers anyone the opportunity to craft their own sex toy from the comfort of their own home. With a range of customization options and user-friendly instructions, the DIY Dildo Party Kit creates a fun, yet empowering way to engage with your sexual expression  – embrace your creativity and curiosity in a space that’s uniquely your own.

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